Zozuu Server Advantages

Effective Power Consumption

We built a low-power, high-performance rackmount server which hosts virtual websites, VMs, networks apps and NAS. Zozuu server has low power consumption it only takes 30 Wt/hr.

Industry Performance

The server carrying blazing fast SSD technologies and RAID arrays to provide the industry-top IOPS rates. The very latest high performance offers include NVMe drives, SAS, hybrid drives with SSD and fully enterprise grade SSD drives for the ultimate I/O storage.

Easy Maintenance

Cases are designed for optimal performance and maintenance. Easy of operating is combined with the possibility of installing special server hardware options and software add-ons to tune the basic model into personalized server environment.

Optional Remote Management

Zozuu rack servers are compatible with IPMI (KVM) functionality. Expansion is provided by the IPMI card which is offered as an extra hardware option. This card enables complete control and management of your server through IP.

Pure moneymaker

Zozuu rack servers are based on Mini-ITX boards and designed for light processing tasks like webhosting, application servers, network servers and definitely SOHO NAS systems. We target the server market where extremely low power and 100% server up-time is of up most importance Configurable with up to 32 GB of DDR3 RAM memory chips and 1 processor soldered on the motherboard. The case has HDD brackets which fits 2x small factor drives (2.5") or 1x SATA drive (3.5"). We strongly recommend to use SSD drives showing remarkable performance and the industry standard for now.

Zozuu is just a low-cost alternative to that branded servers with hot-swappable drives and many other hardware you will never use. In nowdays data center running costs constantly rising, it is becoming increasingly more important for rackmount servers to be low-powered and efficient. We offer server which only half the the length of standard rackmount servers and this allows to place two servers on each unit of rack height and utilize about 80 servers in a standard rack.

Freelancer Essentials


High efficiency Zozuu rack industrial servers are featured with an optimized airflow design technology and have low heating footprint.

Starts from € 399,-

Intelligent choice for SMBs

Energy efficiency servers are becoming more and more popular with companies looking for less colocation costs. All server components are selected from trusted manufacturers and rigorously tested using the approved testing software. With new Zozuu rack hardware you are entitled to our Three Year server warranty and free remote support program.